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We’re happy to announce the Fidem Patch for your Line 6 Helix!

With every Helix patch purchase and download from Tonefully you actually get TWO patches! One for single coil equipped guitars and one for humbuckers!

We’ve designed this patch to be used in both stompbox mode or as snapshots! We’ve filled the presets so that the patches are ready to go, right out of the box! They’re designed in stereo but they still work perfectly in mono (just be sure to use only the LEFT output with nothing plugged into the right). We tune the oversdrives to be stackable so you can turn get more drive without it becoming overwhelming. For the delays, we have a dotted 1/8th and dotted 1/4th so their stackable to give you that rhythmic goodness.

We set our EQ’s to be what we find general enough for most guitars; with the ability to sit in the mix for rhythm and pushing through the mix for solos and lead lines. We recommend, if possible, keeping the Global EQ pretty neutral and utilizing the EQ Block for on-the-fly adjustments. We find this method keeps things cleaner and more organized / uniform. It makes the most sense for Global EQ adjustments to reflect the room or environment you’re playing which essentially would make sense that the Front Of House guys in a better spot to make those adjustment decisions.

We’ve set up 8 snapshots in this patch which we try and keep nice and simple to use.

  • Snapshot 1: CLEAN

    • Clean tone
  • Snapshot 2: DRIVE I

    • Was once clean but now with a pinch of dirt
  • Snapshot 3: Drive II

    • Imagine a clean plate. Now imagine a mound of dirt.
  • Snapshot 4: LEAD I

    • Even more stacked overdrive with a dotted 8th delay
  • Snapshot 5: OCTAVER

    • A special snapshot for parts that ask for Octaves
  • Snapshot 6: AMBIENT I

    • Clean with an extra wet stacked reverb
  • Snapshot 7: AMBIENT II
    • A sit-in-the-mix lead setting with stacked reverbs and delays
  • Snapshot 8: SWELLS

    • A huge wall of sound filled with stacked delays and reverbs

This patch uses the Allure IR pack available for free from Line 6!

We do our best to make these work for most guitars! When building these patches we use Gretches with Filtertrons, high gain and low gain equipped Telecasters, Stratocasters, and various humbucker equipped solid bodies.

With every one of our Helix Patch purchases, you will actually receive 2 patches!! You’ll get one for single coils and one for humbuckers.